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the leap
by   s.j.

Walking high on a wall
          never looking down,
          never looking back,
          and only taking the slightest glimpse of what's ahead.

The wall is narrow, 
          yet, just wide enough 
          for the confident 
          and sure footed.

The longer I walk, 
          the higher I go, until, 
          finally when i look down, 
          the ground is so very far away.

I'll never turn around, yet, 
          which option do i choose?
          Keep going up, and up, or 
          jump off and find a new wall to climb?

Is jumping off giving up, 
          or is it good sense?
          (I see more of it in myself every day?)

But, what if I continue; I'm beginning to look ahead.
          I see that the wall is crumbling away in parts, 
          and has been patched over in others, 

So, one almost doesn't see 
          that the wall may not be 
          what it first appeared.

If I continue, and I fall, 
          can my heart survive the landing?

If I jump now, 
          I know I'll at least remain standing, 
          and my heart won't buckle beneath me.
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Poem ID: 6188   Poem Posted: 7/12/1998
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Copyright , 1993, s.j.  all rights reserved by the author.
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