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The Soldier
by   Loco Lobo

Strong, resourceful and spirited,
yet, foolish and always the dreamer,
such were what his fellows called the young soldier.
Yet, there was one he hoped would see more in him.

Already the days had passed,
leaving him to reflect on it all.
That evening like no other,
the night he gazed upon her beauty.

The risk was known
but, resist, he could not
for, the soldier approached the young princess,
professing, promising only his love.

She smiled and thanked him
as though to send him on his way.
And go he did, leaving behind
a promise he vowed to keep.

And so, there he stood outside in the courtyard,
for near five score days.
The rains did come
and so did the snow.

Each night the young princess,
gazed out the window before
falling asleep and after a time
whispered good night to her silent sentinel.

Months passed, the realm was blanketed by snow,
crisp winter winds nipped at cloth and skin alike.
Late on the eve of such a frigid night the princess
left the keep with a cloak and warm tea in hand.

There she found him, the soldier at full attention.
Polished and pressed, he looked fine in uniform.
Now she noticed how handsome and peaceful he looked.
And despite the cold, inside felt the warmth of her own heart.

But, as she drew near the young princess saw,
the soldier was no more.
Frozen through, he had remained despite the cold.
A promise made, he did keep.

Near one hundred days he had stayed,
watching and waiting if only for her to open
a window and light the candle of her heart.
For such, he would wait a hundred days more.

The princess stood there still gazing upon this man who was no more,
what was left was a smile from him to her, still his love lived on.

* In honor of a Russian tale of a soldier who waited for a young princess,
as well as for all who still believe in true love.
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Poem ID: 7584   Poem Posted: 9/15/1998
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Copyright , 9/6/98, Loco Lobo  all rights reserved by the author.
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