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Second Chance
by Trinity  Angel

There once was a time long ago
When you held me as your own
We had a love that could have been so right
One that no one would have ever known

The nights were so sweet
And the mornings so warm
But I took it for granted
And brought in a storm

I decided that leaving
Was the best thing for you
You deserved better
What else could I do?

The years have past so quickly
And time has done it's toll
I still feel this passion burning
My nights have been so cold

I looked into your eyes
After all this time had passed
I see who I fell in love with
I see everything at last

Is it too late, or is it too soon
To start a love anew
Can you see past all the pain in the past
Tell me you still feel it, too

Is it too late or is it too soon
To try to have a brand new start
Can you see the truth I have in me
Can I still reach your heart?

Can you tell me time has been a friend
Can you tell me it's okay?
Can you say that you still see me
By your side and not in the way

Can you say that people make mistakes
And anyone can change?
Can you say you see the truth in me
And say it's not too late?

Will you let me make you happy?
Will you let me hold you when you cry?
Will you let me pick you up if you fall down
And let me hold you through the night?

Will you give me a chance to show you love
The way it's meant to be?
Let me give you all there is to give
Say you want to be with me.
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Poem ID: 27035   Poem Posted: 2/7/2000
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Copyright , 1/14/00, Jessica Lynne Ringler  all rights reserved by the author.
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