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Breaking free
by Angelica M. Perdiki

Where have I seen this face before?
Where have I met this smile?
Was it in my sweetest dream,
or in my worst nightmare?

Like a forgotten reverie, 
an unfulfilled wish,
I loose myself in the nightfall
while my mind is possessed
by dreary, yet so intimate and loving,
memories of you.
And you didn't even care to notice
the woman that slept and awoke
in your thought.
But so much time has passed
that your presence withered
and I can no longer recall
the color of your eyes,
the thrill of your touch
or the reflection of your face
under the starlit sky.
So far apart have we ended up being,
now that you are away but even when you were close
so long apart...
But how weird, indeed!
There are times
that time seems to have stayed inert
at the moment of your flight.

I bemoan the death of your dream 
just a dream, but still so enwrapped in life.
And I will not stop, 
not until I have my eyes burning in fire
and my body shriveling in pain.

But is it really tears that I see
or is it just my soul bleeding,
for having grown lost 
in the fear of love...
for having grown old in your fear...
for having gone deep into lust, 
to see nothing but sorrow,
regret and suffocated guilt...

Slowly, almost rhythmically you choke my freedom 
and take away my breath
while suddenly, in a fit of change,
I break the chains that render me a slave to your need
and at last! I breathe!
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Poem ID: 73355   Poem Posted: 12/16/2002
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