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The Glowing Candle
by Zahra Faisal Asghar

I hear footsteps from afar,
heading softly towards my heart..
The path is quiet, since a while,
shadows of silence .. lay miles and miles.
For my love I have spread,
petals of thought and dreams to pick..
memories strewn on the ground he treads..
as love's fragrance carries him near..
the drums of heartbeat he will hear.
Close to the door of my soul,
awaits a candle's dancing glow,
burning gently, incessantly..
safely held till eternity,
sheltered between these palms of mine,
protected from the blowing
storms of time....
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Poem ID: 38910   Poem Posted: 7/14/2000
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Copyright , 13th July 2000, Zahra Faisal Asghar  all rights reserved by the author.
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