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Angel Eyes
by Krystal Angella Fox

     I saw you last night when I closed my eyes to sleep.
               I tried my hardest not to cry.
               I tried my hardest not to weep.
     I just sat there and stared deep into your angeleyes.
      I just sat there and stared until I was hypnotized.
     And I wonder.... Will it always be the same?  
       Everytime I see you, will you bring back all the pain?
     Somewhere, back along the line- I lost your love.
     And I wonder.... Do you still have mine?
     Our memories and love, I can never replace.
     I just close my eyes and I can touch your face.
        I keep on thinking, maybe, someday!
     I'll keep this love but I'll just hide it away.
          So here I sit... Crying once again.
     I wish I could call, to see how you'ce been.

     You told me, this isn't an easy thing to do.
       You went through all the tears and pain.
             You were sad and lonely too.
     But this loneliness and pain, I will never overcome.
        Piece by piece, I'll eventually come undone.
      You were my life and the strength I held onto.
     And now I'm dying inside, trying to live without you.
          I wish you were here to ease all my pain.
            To catch my tears that fall like rain.

        I gave you a choice and your choice was clear.
          But the one you chose was my very fear.
          And when I open my eyes to face reality.
           I see that all the blame is put on me.
         This feeling of blame I will never forget.
      It was caused by mistakes that I will always regret.

                  Now after everything's over...
                        Said and done.
              I realize I lost the battle and she won.
                  Now you're free to come and go.
                         The way is clear.
                Just remember if you decide to stay...
                     I'll still be waiting here.
                    But if that day never comes. 
                 And we have to say our last goodbyes....
             I'll say them, still with all this love. 
              While looking deep into your angeleyes.
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Poem ID: 2852   Poem Posted: 3/28/1998
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