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Every TIme
by Merceil Lee Chiles

Every night I lay my head down to go to sleep 
it?s you who is on my mind,
Every time I open my mouth to say something
your name escapes my lips,
Every time I shed a tear 
it?s you I?m crying for,
Every time I write a poem, 
it?s you I?m writing about

Baby, there?s not a day that goes by 
you are not on my mind,
Because every time I?m walking alone 
I can picture you walking beside me,
When I?m eating alone 
I can see you reaching your hand in my plate,
Every time I need to be held 
I feel you wrapping your arms around my tiny body,

Every time I feel alone 
I see you in my heart and my soul,
Every time I need a friend to talk to 
I look back at all our letters and notes we wrote,
But most of all, baby, every time I think of you 
I can?t wait to love you!!!!
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Poem ID: 87566   Poem Posted: 1/23/2009
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Copyright , 1.23.08, Merceil Lee Chiles  all rights reserved by the author.
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