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Identify Yourself
by   Journey

Promises of love you told me you were willing to give
Throughout this love affair you have promised me 
a lifetime of fidelity, honor and trust 
among many other things...

You don't seem to know a promise is an assurance
that you will or will not do something
An expectation of hope you instilled in me.
I believed your deceitful words of love.
Every time you said, "I love you", 
I would feel my inner being well up with joy.

So, I promised I would fulfill my words of honesty.
Your eyes were so convincing.
Your smile warmed my heart.
The gentleness of your touch always penetrated my soul.
It seemed so real

-Until you became unidentified:
Your actions became cruel, 
but your touch was still so sweet.
Your words became wicked and obsessive, 
but your "I love you" still tamed my heart.

As I continue to write, 
my eyes well with tears 
and my soul cries out 
"I love you still"
My deceitful Love, identify yourself
Identify your inner being

My heartaches:
My soul is unfulfilled
My mind cannot rest until I find my lost love
I know it is still there
Come back! Please!
I love you
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Poem ID: 11039   Poem Posted: 2/10/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Journey  all rights reserved by the author.
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