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All Alone
by John V Miccio

I've been sitting here alone today
And my heart began to say..
"How can someone whom we love so much
Not feel, for us, this way."

My heart came to a conclusion,
This conclusion came today..
As I listened to my heart's thought, 
This is what I heard it say,
"I've answered my own question,
We've been fooled, I don't know how..
She simply doesn't love us, 
That is what I've seen, 
I know that... now.

So, as long as I keep beating
I shall uphold this solemn vow..
No longer shall I care,
I cannot give another thing.
It's useless to keep trying,
She can't use the love I bring.

I can no longer pump this Love
Through these clogged up arteries,
It won't go through 
They're packed too tight 
With that 'confusion' type disease.
Yes, confusion Is a disease
It can kill a love, so true
Of that, I am a prime example
And so's the love once felt for you.

So, now it's time to say goodbye,
This seems to be the end.
You just can't grant my wish
Of being more than just my friend.
And since we cannot compromise,
Here's a simple remedy..
No longer shall I bother you
Because, what shall be will be.
And no longer will I fight for us
Since it should come so naturally.

Now, If there ever comes a time
That you might need to call on me..
I don't want you to bother,
You just need to let it be.
I cannot stand the pain anymore
So, please put down the phone,
As far far as I'm concerned 
You've got your wish...
You're All Alone!"
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Poem ID: 8792   Poem Posted: 11/15/1998
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Copyright , 1998, John V Miccio  all rights reserved by the author.
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