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No Other..
by Shannon  Knight

You haven't always been there for me.
You haven't always been the person I needed you to be.
You made more problems in my life,
than you did anything right.
You weren't the authority I needed.
You weren't around when I succeded.
I wasn't the perfect role model child.
I acted up and ran wild.

But on my own I learned and built a life for myself.
I did all on my own.. without anyone else.
You said I wouldn't learn right from wrong,
but I did and it made me strong.
You hurt me and tore my life apart,
but it didn't change the feelings in my heart.
So much of me wanted to hate you but I never could.
I still love you like I should.

You tore our family apart and split us in two,
but still I couldn't hate you.
Who's fault it was... I'll really never know.
Because there's... your side, his side, and the truth to the whole show.
We couldn't never get along- I don't know why.
But I miss you- and I'm willing to try.
I need you in my life- I forgive you- and I hope it's enough.
Because things don't have to be so tough.
When it comes down to it... there is no other,
than can replace you... you are my mother.
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Poem ID: 4678   Poem Posted: 5/18/1998
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