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But most of all
by peter g robson

I'll walk in the rain by your side
Holding your hand gently all the while
Speaking many words- or just a few
But most of all you will know that I am with you

We'll feel proud to walk side by side
Oblivious to others along the way
Deep in thought, transference or conversation
But most of all we'll be in complete elation

Our easy strides will be in sync
As I shorten mine- to match yours, I think
Each wanting to be ever in unison
But most of all knowing we're together as when we began

Then I'll lean across to get a little closer
And whisper sweet secrets only for your ear
You'll give a slow and understanding nod
But most of all we'll know that it's all thanks to God

By now the clouds begin a dense sprinkle
And we're still walking in the heavy drizzle
Not a care we have about getting wet or the rain
But most of all for being together the more we gain

Our pace slows down from when first we strode
We've covered quite a distance along the road
Our destination- now home to kiss and cuddle
But most of all we want to huddle

We remove our clinging wet and damp clothes
Drying each other down like no one else knows
Recalling the adventurous walk in the rain
But most of all knowing that our love is not in vain

The night has arrived and it's time for sleep
We huddle in bed and begin to reap
Our loving togetherness flourishes and grows
But most of all will continue tonight and all our tomorrows
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Poem ID: 85727   Poem Posted: 2/11/2007
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