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Heaven Gave Me You
by Tonese Rene Reed

I met him in summer
The month was July
He took my heart, spoke sweet words
Made me wanna cry

He held me just right
Not too loose, not too tight
His smile brightened up my day
He filled me with pure delight

To tell you the truth
I didn't think we had a chance
I didn't think it would be more
Than just a summer romance

But I guess fate planned it out
Knew we belonged together
I didn't think anyone 
Would want to love me forever

But I guess I was wrong
Since I'm never right
But he makes me feel so good inside
He helped me see the light

I'm still with him
Happier than before
All the love he gives to me
Makes me love him more

I know I'm not like other girls
At least that's what he said
I hope it's in a good way
I wouldn't want it to be bad

If I could just express to him
All I feel inside
If I can show him how happy I am
Show him my heart I don't deny

But I don't think I can
I have this crazy attitude
I wish it wasn't there
Show him my deepest gratitude

What can I do
To show how I feel?
He already knows
That my love is real

Or maybe he doesn't
'Cause he's scared of the past
That gets in the way
This has to last

Heaven gave me a gift
A gift so true
You know what Heaven gave me?
Heaven gave me you.
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Poem ID: 13513   Poem Posted: 8/29/1999
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Copyright , 1999, Tonese Rene Reed  all rights reserved by the author.
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