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Teach Us
by Michelle Berniece Pace

So bright, beautiful and full of potential.
A young girl in her teens, only looking for
what true love means.

A friend, a student, a daughter,
a sister, until the day that young man
kissed her.

From that moment on, her roles
were changed, to a wife, a mother
and his lover.

She never complained just went with
the flow, but at times couldn?t help
but wonder where did ?she? go?

Weeks and months then years
went by and some where along the
way she missed ?her? chance to fly.

This however was just a passing thought,
because she truly was forever grateful for all
she?s got.

Then one day to her surprise, she opened
her eyes and wanted to cry.  She was
here and he was there, the kids
were torn... it is just not fair!!

She cried a lot and then got mad!
She wanted back all she had.
She blamed too much and
sometimes hated, felt as if she
was forever jaded.

With all this hurt bottled up inside,
She prayed, Dear Lord, walk at my side.
Teach me how not to judge and show
me again how to love.

Take my hand, place it in his, be our
guide teach us to live.
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Poem ID: 83652   Poem Posted: 7/26/2006
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