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He Promised
by   ETERNALove

he could feel her presence, 
as he lay there in the hospital bed,
feel her sadness as she grasped his unmoving hand.
He wanted to wake, and take her in his arms
to kiss away her fears
wipe the tears from that familiar face
hold her close and make everything right.
He made a promise, to be with her forever, 
to love her forever, 
forever belong to her.
They had plans for the future
so many things 
but there he lay, unable to go to her.
He felt his heartbeat slowing down,
he could feel his family all around.
He could feel her thoughts on him
even as she lay sleeping.
He felt his heart slowly stop,
felt the sadness of whom he loved.
freed from his body, 
he flew to her, to be by her side
he saw her, sleeping, saddened still.
He could see her dreams, her thoughts of him
feel her pain, as she knew she was losing him.
He lay beside her, one more time,
traced her cheek one last time,
pressed his lips to hers,
one last kiss.
He laid next to her, 
cradled her in his arms, 
one last time
everything so familiar, 
so right,
just like it was before.
She turned in her sleep, 
secure in his arms,
surrounded by his presence
that somehow she could feel.
He lay with her
wishing he could still this pain,
stop this hurt,
help her understand.
He wants her to know he loves her with all his heart,
and he did not choose to go.
He wants her to know he will keep his promise.
He will always love her,
always be with her
and always think of her.
As she lay sleeping, he stood close by her side,
watching this one so precious to him
this one he loves.
He heard his best friend enter the room
saw his tears, felt his pain.
He watched him wake the one he loves,
saw the look on her face,
she knew.
He heard her tortured scream of agony,
heard her shouted protest, 
whispered plea,
felt her sorrow, 
her pain
and watched his best friend pull her into his arms.
He felt their sorrow combined, 
it was more than he could take.
He wished there was a way to reach them,
to let them know he would never leave them
never stopping loving them, 
never forget them.
They touched his life as much as he touched theirs,
he would miss them, too.
He can see his love standing above him looking down
he can feel the denial in her soul
he can feel her refusing to believe he is gone
as she looks on the still, unmoving form.
He doesn't want her to see him like that,
that is not him
he can see the pain on her face, 
tears dripping down, 
as she gazes at the form in the box.
He sees her stand next to the hole,
feels her pain.
he knows she does not want to leave,
she cannot leave him, 
or the thoughts of him behind.
She feels as if turning away 
is turning from all they shared.
but he goes to her side,
he turns her around,
together they walk away.
Somehow he wants her to know, 
that he is always by her side,
when the nights get long and lonely,
he is there.
He promised to love her forever,
and always be there.
and he is keeping his promise though it all,
he is watching over this one he loves.
He is keeping her safe and helping her through
ever present in the only way he can.
He continues to live in her memory,
continues on in her thoughts. 
By her side he will always be,
just as he promised.
he will love her forever,
as he lives in her love for him.
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Poem ID: 31994   Poem Posted: 5/9/2000
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