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How Would You Feel?
by Jackie R. Mannen

Just open up your eyes
And now you realize
Nothing's ever what it seems to be
People hide their lives from other people
You don't know what they've gone through
Or what they have to deal with when they go home
Maybe they don't do their homework 
 because they have no place to do it
Their home is a mess
And really isn't much of a home
The only father they have is in jail 
 because their little sister lied
Their mom does too many drugs 
 to stop their fourteen year old sister 
 from having sex
The only friends they have 
 just use them for drugs and alcohol
They call them names and use their past against them
How would you feel if every time you saw 
 someone take a drink, you flinched?
Or when you and your buddies are pretending to fight 
 all you see are flashbacks of your childhood
When they go to swing at you, you see your step-dad 
 coming towards you with clenched fists
How would you feel if your life was a mess?
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Poem ID: 68626   Poem Posted: 3/3/2002
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Copyright , 2002, Jackie R. Mannen  all rights reserved by the author.
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