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Dreams in the dark
by Meghan Leigh  Casper

Late at night when I'm laying in bed,
visions of you appear in my head.
My dreams in the night are always of you, 
what it would be like in your arms,
to be safe from all harm,
I dream of your kiss,
that one moment of bliss.
How I long just to get lost in your eyes,
and never return to this world full of lies.
Night after night it's all the same,
when I come to the end and realize my pain.
Wanting to hear that you love me,
but hearing you say you don't.
Wanting to say I love you but then I decide I won't.
You disappear and I wake up left alone here to cry in the dark.
These dreams of mine stay silent,
locked here away in my heart.
But night after night they keep coming back,
and chip away at my heart.
And soon you will see,
when you look at me that nothing remains of my heart.
You'll ask why and I'll start to cry 
and say it was my dreams in the dark.
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Poem ID: 53108   Poem Posted: 12/20/2000
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Copyright , August 2 2000, Meghan Leigh Casper  all rights reserved by the author.
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