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We Moved On
by Mary Elizabeth Blessing

I can look at this situation and smile
I can remember our talks
     our meeting....our first kiss
We were over before we began
And we, two fools we are, ran after the fleeting moment
Never stumbling, we moved with purpose
Steady and sure towards the pain
     we feel in our hearts
Talking this through, realizing the wrong in this right
     But still moving forward
Planning and scheming to hurt ourselves
Openingly admitting and accepting the pain
And still we moved forward
To our night, our first and last night
     our only chance
Pushing the knife so deep into our own hearts
Past the point of feeling pain
     to the joy, the ecstasy of holding you
         the length of you, skin to skin
Only the knife between us
Standing back to survey the damage
     the loss of blood and reason
Through the pain
     I see the smile on your face
I hear the happiness in your voice
I feel the strength in your arms
     For this memory
I will indure the pain
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Poem ID: 2507   Poem Posted: 3/15/1998
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Copyright , March 14, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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