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by Christina  belle

We walked together, we had fun, we sat together in the setting sun.
It was as if we were alone for an entire week,
if it wasn't each other's voice we couldn't hear them speak.
You took me for late-night walks on the beach,
my heart and soul you managed to reach. 
Waves crashing off in the distance,
the love we shared held no resistance.
We stood together bare-foot in the sand,
two young lovers hand-in-hand.
Our wild passion about to unfold,
something truly beautiful to behold.
Together, in the sand we lay,
gazing up at an endless sky.
Backround music provided by the ocean, 
we shared a night of heated emotion.
I felt a chill go through my spine,
as your bare body pressed against mine.
Held so close we suddenly became one,
the night is almost over but it's only just begun.
The best week of my life is almost through, 
I can forget the world when I'm with you.
When the day came that we had to part,
I felt a great emptiness in my heart.
I will never forget you, you have a place in my heart,
I try not to think of you when we are apart.
The place where dreams become reality,
is where I will keep you and me,
and the best summer their could ever be.

to: c.d. with love-I'm sorry!!
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Poem ID: 27023   Poem Posted: 2/8/2000
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Copyright , 2-1-00, Christina belle  all rights reserved by the author.
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