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My World
by Liquid  Mercury

In my world everything's twisted
Everything here's insane
Nothing seems to make sense
In my little world of pain

My vision is always so blurred
I just can't see ahead
Will I be able to survive today?
Tomorrow, will I be dead?

Yet, I live through each day as best I can
I deal with what I can take
Is today's smile really genuine?
Or, is it convincingly fake?

My caffeine fix sure helps
To hide my depressed mood
Sure, it's not a long-term fix
But it still makes me feel good

I loved being happy
That's how I used to be
Before I fell in love with a guy
Who wasn't there for me

If there's one piece of advice I can give you
From all I've learned in life
Be careful who you fall in love with
Make sure he's the right guy

'Cause if you let his looks deceive you
You could end up getting hurt
He'll be there forever, scarred in your memories
Eating at your heart

This is my world of confusion
That I live in day to day
I hold my love inside my soul
It's slowly eating me away

A friend of mine feels the same
"Love sucks", we both agreed
The girl he loves feels nothing back
She's careless toward his need

If you ask me, she's a witch
I hate how much she hurt him
They've been best friends for the longest time
But she doesn't care about him

Love drove him over the edge
He attempted to end the pain
With seventeen Ecstasy pills in hand
He decided to die that day

But God was looking out 
For him that dreadful day
He woke later, didn't remember what'd happened
And now I praise God he's okay

I pray for him every morning
And I cry for him every night
Drugs are no escape from love
They just lie and tell you it's all right

This is my little world
In which I'm forced to live
Where am I going? Nothing's clear
I don't know what peace is

I worry about him all day long
And my love still aches inside
I'm too young to have to face
This complication in my life

While I still have strength left
Even though my sanity's gone
I'll put on my best fake smile
And pretend nothing's wrong

'Cause I know my life won't stay this way
I know that I'll move on
But for now, I just do what I can
To deal with what I've got

I'm in my little world
And it's getting hard to breathe
I can't live like this, I'm going to die
I feel the chill hand of insanity

Does anyone understand my pain?
Or, am I all alone?
My world is far more than mixed feelings
It's the prison I know as home.
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Poem ID: 73754   Poem Posted: 2/22/2003
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Copyright , 2002, Liquid Mercury  all rights reserved by the author.
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