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My vision of perfection
by Mark Christian Cashat

As i look back on all my wasted years
thoughts of lost love, as i hold back my tears
have i been condemned to living life alone
nothing more than a failure as time has shown

will i achieve perfect love, and all it implies
or watch as love as i know it slowly dies
or will perfect love find me and sweep me away
as i sit around waiting for that glorious day

until the day she?s here with me
i have a list of who i hope she?ll be
my idea of perfection from the very start
the only one who can truly touch my heart

she?s a romantic first and foremost
living for quiet nights alone, just being close
candlelight dinners, and snuggling by the fireplace
and long slow kisses, while gently touching my face

public displays of affection, holding my hand
writing i love you?s at the beach, in the sand
cute little notes, telling me how much she cares
found all over the house, where there's room to spare

arms that hold me, hold me so tight
an embrace that keeps me safe at night
she?s a thought of perfection that runs through my mind
proof that maybe love isn't so blind

with passion and love, she turns to me to say...
"my eyes adore you each and every single day"
with tears in my eyes and love in my heart
"i have loved you every day from the very start"

holding hands while kissing in the rain
never being alone, never feeling that pain
does she exist, will she find her way to me
or is it a kind of love that really isn't meant to be

only time will tell, so i wait patiently
to find out what love has in store for me
until then, i'll keep her in my dreams
my vision of perfection, perfect for me, it seems.
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Poem ID: 83024   Poem Posted: 5/26/2006
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Copyright , 2005, Mark Christian Cashat  all rights reserved by the author.
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