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What is Love?
by Julia  Thompson

Love is many things
  But how can you define it?
Does it happen in one second,
  Or does it take years, even decades?
Can it be found in a solitary act,
  Such as one hug, or one kiss?
Or does it take a long, intense series of actions,
  Like long walks, long talks, and long kisses.

Well, whatever it may be to you...
  It is most certainly a wonderful thing.

Yes, it can be fun,
  Yes, it can be difficult-
But it always holds new knowledge;
  There is something new to be learned in every aspect of love.

Love can mean a lot of different things
  To a lot of different people.
But I'm sure that every one of those people would agree-
  That love is something which they will never, ever forget.
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Poem ID: 47342   Poem Posted: 10/5/2000
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Copyright , 9/24/00, Julia Thompson  all rights reserved by the author.
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