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A raging fire of love
by Maria L. Willis

As we celebrate a year in our love and friendship 
Intense memories of love and passion gyrate in my mind 
This love we share reminds me of a raging fire 

You are the arsonist 
Our love is the fire 
Fire that burns deep within my soul 

Doused with mental stimulation 
Thus, creating large sparks of love, laughter, 
warmth and human kindness 
Sparks blowing out of control, for I feel them in my sleep 

I attempt to fan the dangerous flames of love 
I can't fight, for I am overwhelmed 
The flames of love are filled with emotional vapors 

This is the hottest fire I've ever witnessed 
As the fire rages higher, it takes my breath away 
I inhale the smoke of love 

The smoke of love engulfs every living cell of my body and mind 
Wow! The sensation feels good running up and down my spine 
I am scared for life, this arsonist and fire impacts my life forever 

Yes, I've gazed into the raging fire- I began to melt 
Helplessly I slip into unconsciousness 
from the shock of the aftermath 

A fire so hot it continually burns 
Vividly I see incandescent light 
which yields me to a conscious state 

Now awakened, I am grateful 
I walked through the fire and found the arsonist 
A year later the fire rages on 
in our relationship, hearts, and in our words.
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Poem ID: 52044   Poem Posted: 12/7/2000
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Copyright , 12-6-00, Maria Lasandra Willis  all rights reserved by the author.
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