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You Didn't Leave Me Anything
by Nadia  Varkovsky

You didn't leave me anything...
To soothe my numb and hapless heart

I knew about it from your little sister
Woe and misery in her heart
Nor could she hide it from me

She told me everything of how it happened...
How you left me nothing in this world
Except some fading memories in my mind

I feel like joining you...
Whenever I remember everything we've done together
Whenever I saw our photographs 
Embracing and smiling at each other...

The sky darkened and light rain started to fall
So is my heart as tears rolled down my cheeks
I'm not a strong person, no, no, not all...

You've been holding me all this time
Comforting me whenever I'm blue
Surrounding me whenever I'm cold
Kissing me goodbye everytime we parted...

I know I love you more than anything
And you feel the same way to me...
But why? Why do you have to go?
Without a kiss or even a farewell...

Why death doth be so cruel?
The faceless figure cloaked in black;
Clutching the long, demonic blade of mortality
As he wrested your soul from your protection...

The sky darkened and light rain started to fall
So is my body as blood rolled down my wrist
I'm not a strong person, no, no, not at all...

Because you didn't leave me anything...
Not even a kiss or even a farewell
Except some fading memories in my dying mind...
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Poem ID: 41974   Poem Posted: 8/5/2000
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Copyright , 8 May 2000, Nadia Varkovsky  all rights reserved by the author.
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