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Happy Birthday
by Krisi A Lambes

         It's been 12 years 
         Since we first met 
         My Communion day 
         I will never forget 

         A little tomboy 
         With hardly any hair 
         And me throwing a tantrum 
         Waving my hands in the air 

         "You wanna come in?" 
         I asked my new friend 
         "Sure," was her answer 
         And our friendship began 

         Through good and bad 
         Thick and thin 
         You never gave up 
         No matter how wrong I've been 

         I'm a handful I know 
         And that's being kind 
         Especially when 
         I'm losing my mind 

         Yes, you forget my number 
         And lose my address 
         But you cover your mistakes 
         With grace and finesse 

         You're amazing, Wen 
         No matter how I clown 
         You know I'm just mad 
         Cause you're not around 

         Smart, funny 
         Caring, bright 
         You're my very best friend 
         My guiding light 

         Inspiration for me 
         You are indeed 
         Always there 
         For someone in need 

         From little girls 
         To beautiful women 
         I thank the Lord 
         For the gift I was given 

         So birthday wishes 
         For you I send 
         To an extraordinary woman 
         My sister, my friend...
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Poem ID: 47944   Poem Posted: 10/24/2000
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Copyright , 08/11/2000, Krisi A Lambes  all rights reserved by the author.
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