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by John  Seabrook

I often wondered where true Love does reside, 
the kind my parents know,
Where you share every day, each joy and hardship along the way 
and let your feelings show,

Without ever fearing the rejection I saw, 
when I was married to my only wife,
The pain that she left was a burden to bear, 
one I thought I would bear all my life,

The kind that is passionate through age, 
yet still enjoys that sweet kiss and caress,
That will last through the years, the heartaches and tears, 
and thrive in happiness,

A Love that's not taken for granted, 
with both willing to meet more than halfway,
A Love that shines like the sunrise in the morning, 
rekindling a better Love every day,

Through sickness and health, til death do us part, 
to share that Love through eternity, 
As I opened my eyes to finally realize, 
this type of Love may have found me,

From out of the blue it just sought me out, 
and gave a new meaning to living, 
For that new Love may reside in one I have found, 
who's so tender and so giving,

The passion is there and I know she's tough enough, 
to weather the hardest of days,
Each thing that I learn makes my heart burn, 
for of her I am truly amazed,

Those showings of Love which she gives and accepts, 
each help me know what she's all about,
And the more I see, the truer it looks, 
and it makes my heart want to shout,

I pray I have found where true Love does reside, 
the kind my parents do know,
Guess I must wait and see what may come to be, 
if, into that kind of true Love it does grow.
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Poem ID: 8273   Poem Posted: 10/10/1998
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Copyright , 1998, John Joseph Schenk  all rights reserved by the author.
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