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Hopefully Not Much Longer
by Babygurl Ann KAE

   I love him so much
   Oh how I long for his love
   and how I miss his precious touch
   he is all I ever dreamed of 
   The days go by so fast 
   The nights go by very slow 
   at night, I lay and think of our past
   memorizing every letter he wrote, by the candles bright glow

   His love so strong
   his hugs so warming 
   I sometimes wonder, what went wrong
   wondering only leads me to my cries, so storming

   I still write him sweet love letters
   hoping the day he returns our love can grow even stronger
   He'll learn about me through my letters
   and we'll be able to be happy once again and hopefully not have to
   wait much longer!
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Poem ID: 27121   Poem Posted: 2/8/2000
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