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Do YOu Know??
by Catinea Marsali Reeves

Do you know that 
The smile on your face,
Your warm embrace
Set my heart afire?
Do you know,
That the twinkle in your eye
Makes my temperature rise
And truly gets me hypnotized?

Do you know... 
The touch of your hand
I can hardly stand
Because my knees get weak?
Do you know... 
When we kiss
I'll be in such bliss
I won't be able to speak?

Do you know-
I want to be cherished
By a love that won't perish
And you are the key?
Do you know-
When you open doors 
I want to yell, "I'm Yours!!"
If only you would have me?

Do you know
How much i stare
'Cuz you look better than all the stars up there
And what I say is for real?
Do you know-
When we touch
I want so much
For you to know how I feel?

Do you know that
Your cologne-smell
Sticks with me so well
I don't know what to do?
And do you know 
That deep inside
I always hide
The fact... I love you.
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Poem ID: 10591   Poem Posted: 2/1/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Catinea Marsali Reeves  all rights reserved by the author.
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