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I Still Love You
by Angela Yvette Morales

The things I hide are Dreams and Fears
Love, and Hate, Smiles and Tears.
My long lost love I thought would last,
Is it something to be left in the past?

Did I ask for too much...
Love, Kisses and such?
You needed time to be alone,
But now I miss your voice and the sound of its tone.

I asked for friendship, which I thought would be best,
A time withought Love, a time to rest.
But now that "Time" is lasting too long,
I lost my way to where I belong.

Too much advice for what to do...
But the truth is that I Love You!!
Now I don't care what people say,
And I'll always love you ... come night after day.

So tell me now what we should do,
I love you, and hopefully you Love me too.
Can we be together in Love once more?
Don't worry about troubles for they'll all cure.

So now it's done... what's said is said
Respond after this letter is read.
Tell what u think and whatever you feel...
Tell me boo... Be on the real.

         Dedicated to Tony Rodriguez.. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.
                       From your babie gyrl
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Poem ID: 41193   Poem Posted: 7/30/2000
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Copyright , April 10, 2000, Angela Yvette Morales  all rights reserved by the author.
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