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To the one I love with all my heart!
by Kelly's  little munchkin

Sometimes I feel down, 
but you have turned into a smile my whole frown!

Sometimes I feel left alone, 
and yet you are there by my side, 
telling me how much you Love me with your voice's tone!

I am happy with you, every step of the way
and you've made my heart beat with your own unique way.

For Christmas you told me that you loved me when we were on the plane,
which made me feel complete and confess my love to you 
a little later when we walked in the rain!

Since I met you, you have made me the happiest man around.
I could never ask for anything more, 
than the perfect woman you are, and that I have found!

I know sometimes I let you down; you think that I don?t care
But I would give my heart to you, if I had another one to spare!

I try to make it up to you with my sweet words and what I write down,
But I'd seriously prefer to have you here with me to take you downtown!

I am writing this little poem in order to say that I love you,
that I find you irresistible and most of all that I adore you!
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Poem ID: 77034   Poem Posted: 6/25/2004
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Copyright , 15/04/2004, Vassilis Stefanis  all rights reserved by the author.
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