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Tell me its Love !
by M D Desai

It was just another summer, when i felt a brand new season,
I had just experienced love, had not committed any treason.
But was i truly in love, 
Or was it all just another self made illusion,
I am still waiting for that star to shine, 
And clear up my blurry vision!

Not a whole lot, just some kind of little sign would suffice,
Something that gives me confirmation, 
That i had, indeed, broken the ice.
Ending a phase in which confusion has reigned supreme,
To an extent that it has filled me up completely to the brim.

Brought me to a point where i can't channel my focus 
In any other direction,
Taken over a hold of me, 
I am not willing to consider any other action.
And as I withdraw myself into the depths of lonesome isolation,
No solace awaits me, all i see is my desolate mirror reflection.

I wish not to whine, 
That would defeat the purpose of this melancholy creation,
I merely TRY to express my feelings, 
In hopes of reaching some kind of resolution.
One that may forever bring eclectic sunshine into my life, 
With tears of joy,
Or make me a victim of my fears again, 
Maybe i am still a bit too coy!
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Poem ID: 57754   Poem Posted: 3/15/2001
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Copyright , 2000, M D Desai  all rights reserved by the author.
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