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Dreams -N- Reality (Missing You)
by Kacie Michelle Lawson

This is not working out
We WEREN'T meant to be apart
We WERE meant to be together
joined as one heart

You say you're hurt
but I am too
I CAN'T go on like this
I don't know what to do

I want you back
although I know it's wrong
It's just that I've hurt
for so long

I need you in my life
each and every day
This means so much to me
More than just a game

My friends say I'm crazy
for wanting you back
They say I'm walking the same path
in the same tracks

Maybe I am crazy
'cause all I do is cry
You broke my heart
the day you said "Goodbye"

I cry myself to sleep
each and every night
I think of "us"
and wish it back with all my might

You say you still love me
and you still care
But if you really do
then why am I not there?

We talk all the time
You say it's too much
One thing's for sure
It's more than just a crush

Each and every night
we're together in my dreams
'Cause there you truly love me
or at least that's what it seems

We walk hand in hand
You take away my fears
'Cause when you're in my dreams
you wipe away my tears

Unfortunately my dreams don't last forever
They eventually have to end
I wish my dreams were reality
'cause there we're more than friends

"Why can't dreams be real"
I think to myself all day
I want you by my side
and I want you here to stay

I pray to God every night
for you to realize I'm "the one"
You'll realize in the end
what you should have done

We were meant to be together
I can feel it in my heart
In my dreams you say you're sorry
You don't want us to be apart

You're in my dreams all night
as we walk hand in hand
We walk along the beach
across the wet sand

In my dreams I never cry
'cause you hold me close
In my dreams you know
it's you I need the most

So I'll meet you every night
deep in my dreams
Until that special day
my dreams become reality!
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Poem ID: 47171   Poem Posted: 10/3/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Kacie Michelle Lawson  all rights reserved by the author.
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