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by Shi  Yu Tsin

When I first met you I thought we were just friends
But after I met "the real you" things began to change...

You were no longer "that kind of person"
You know, those guys that look like jerks 
based on their appearances.
You're now a "different kind of person,"
Someone I know I could spend forever with

I saw the love in your eyes that night
And I could feel the pulsing of your heart
I knew we were meant to be-
Forever loving one another

I give my heart to you
It belongs to only you
The worst you can do is break it
The best you can do is cherish it

When I see you, my heart skips a beat
When I kiss your lips, so softly, my heart races
When I'm in your arms, I feel secure
When I'm with you, I feel happiness and joy inside

My heart endlessly calls out your name
From the day I started loving you until the day I'll die
And even after life has passed us,
I will still find myself falling in love with you.
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Poem ID: 69504   Poem Posted: 3/23/2002
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