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by Erica E V

I hate the way you never seem to care
it's like you think the world is only a stage
the people you meet are acting
the pain isn't real
it's all part of a show
I hate the way that in your eyes
I will never glow
I'm just another member of the cast
I'll never be the star
I hate the way you never look into my eyes anymore
you used to search my soul
with your mystifying sea green eyes
like forbidden jewels
sparkling with delight
you've given up
and drifted far from me
you threw me away
I hate the way you ignore me now
and talk and laugh with them instead
is my trivial role over?
my last scene already shot?
I hate the way I love you
how I can't imagine seeing myself
without you by my side
I hate the way I always think about you
wondering where you are
and if by some miracle
you are thinking of me, too
I hate it that you've stolen the key
to my heart
and hidden it far from view
concealed from the world
I hate the fact that you
will never adore me
the way I adore you
I hate it that you never hold me anymore
I miss the feeling
of your soft fingertips
dancing upon my skin
I miss the magic most of all
that invisible force between us
I believed would entwine our souls together
and never fade away
come back to me, please
don't leave me here to die
I am always lingering
my heart will forever wait
for you to come to me
so I can put my arms around you
caress your hair
and once again peer into your soul
feel the enchantment
only you can give me...
what I've been searching for
all my life
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Poem ID: 41677   Poem Posted: 8/3/2000
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