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One More Breath
by David  Stryker

Look over here, please, look this way.
There's nothing to be afraid of.

Yes, your image is now clear
Lying here, looking at my flesh and blood.
Unable to move, even with all my will.
Let me hear your voice for I have a heart to soothe.
Please help me, I will not go back.

Return, even if it means more pain.
Two offspring with more to learn,
I cannot help it, I love you so much.

Another chance, one more try,
I wish one more tear, another time to cry.

I close my eyes for the final time
Not knowing what to expect,
But hoping, they will be fine,
Watching them grow,
Nurturing them so
Just to leave them, with more years to go.

No more breath left in me,
No more blood through my heart,
I need you to hold close enough to see.
You will be okay, and soon forget the pain this has caused you
And the hurt in your heart will soon cease.

Please help me, return to the beginning where I came from,
My soul once again at rest.
I am not sure where I will go
Today, tomorrow, or the next day.
But when I wake up after it is all over
I will be there.
Our bond will never have a tear.
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Poem ID: 39040   Poem Posted: 7/15/2000
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Copyright , 8/15/99, David Stryker  all rights reserved by the author.
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