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Till Death Do Us Part.
by james c maggard

Have you ever felt like you were the only person left on earth?
The haunting silence, the chilling feeling of loneliness,
Nobody sees you, nobody hears your crying.
Wanting, needing someone to Love and make it be ok,
Yet nobody sees you, nobody hears you crying.
Praying to god for help, But he doesn't Hear you,
Begging, Pleading for the misery to end. me PLEASE!
Now you know what you must do.
There is no other way out.
The only way the pain will end,
The only way to make your love ones ok...
The silince will be over,
 The loneliness will be gone,
And the tears will be dry,
For the man that I am, has to die.

The one true love in your life will continue to live.
She will be saddened at first, for the love that she lost.
The man she onced loved is no longer near, 
And she will no longer live a life of fear.
She will be ok, she is a survivor. 
The anger and pain, she will one day forgive,
 In time She will learn to love again
And give her heart once more,
The Love that she will have then, 
Will be greater than before.

The pain is too great, My heart is so Alone.
I am tired of being scared, 
For now I know what hell will be like,
And for my sins that is were I belong,
 The man that was once your husband,
Is dying the most painful death there is.
I am dying alone, and heartbroken.
All I ask for is forgiveness,
I knew not what I did.
Good bye my love...
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Poem ID: 46722   Poem Posted: 9/28/2000
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Copyright , 09-19-2000, JAMES CHRISTOPHER MAGGARD  all rights reserved by the author.
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