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Have Strength
by Brandi lee Hemphill

I sit here in my truck lonely and sad, 
looking at a wall full of things written about my best boy, Drew, 
wishing he was still here, still with us. 

All I think about is what has happened. 
Every morning, I wake up and still think hes still here, 
still among us 
and then I realize all over again that he's gone.

Then I think to myself, will my life ever be as it once was? 
An then I realized it's never going to be as it once was, 
because I will alway be missing a part of myself, 
because I'm missing you.

You meant everything to me.
You were the happiness in my life. 
You were the brother I never had.

You were my hopes, my dreams, my everlasting love.
You were there when no one was.
You stood by my side, as I did by yours.

You are the only part of my life I will never let go.
I will never forget my HERO, my knight in shining armor. 
And let it be known, you were a HERO, nothing less.
But more, now that we've witnessed your passing. 
Now you are our guardian angel. 
We just have to remember God gave us an angel who changed our lives. 

But God said it was his time to go home. 
God needed his angel; God needed his help.
So as we say good-bye to him it's realy not good-bye. 

Tt's we'll see you up there, bro. 
But until our time, we'll miss you 
and we love you.

In loving memory of Drew Stewart, A.K.A Dr. Dru. 
November 13th 1988 - December 3rd 2004. We love you and miss you!
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Poem ID: 82575   Poem Posted: 3/27/2006
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