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I remember...
by   M&M babee

I remember those days 
when you?d lie to me
Watching your eyes drift her way
It felt so wrong, not knowing what to say

I remember hearing those three 
words spoken to me
It was so obvious they were untrue
I was scared; my feelings began building for you

I remember crying in front a friend, asking for his advice
He didn?t really help, but he made me think twice
I remember being with you was harder each day
When will this pain end?  What was I planning to say?

I remember about those days before
You must have loved her; your heart must be sore
I remember hating you; I remember being mad
Wanting to just punch something with all the strength I had

I remember when I noticed it was love I felt
Still, I was more afraid that you?d break my heart
I had that feeling before 
Someone hurt me down to the core

I remember how that feeling always stays deep down inside
It doesn?t leave, no matter all the tears you?ve cried
I remember wandering around, not knowing what to do
I still wonder if you mean it, after all that we went through

It?s been months now and you?ve told me how you felt
Want to know something? You do make my heart melt
Though nothing can change what lies were hidden and untold
I remember now...what matters is my heart that you do hold!

iM gLaD yOu ToLd mEeH ThE tRuTh!
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Poem ID: 59962   Poem Posted: 5/3/2001
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Copyright , 2001, M&M babee  all rights reserved by the author.
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