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I Hurt You Deeply
by Anthony Lowell Sharpenstein

Deepest desire that haunts me still
My love runs deep but does it move at will?
Emotions burst through doors once closed
Flooding heartbeats once locked and posed.

I hurt you deeply though I never knew
You sought desires once old, now new.
Pain is how I deal today,
I so want this burden off of me, away.

I want our love to blossom once more
To hear "I love you" from behind that door.
To feel your heart beat next to mine
Our spirits soar, our bodies entwined.

I have changed my life, I am new
With love and desire I never knew.
Take me at my word, I love you dear,
I have come home and you will never fear.

Break those shackles that separate us still, today
No other is worthy of your inner beauty, stay
With understanding and guidance we can win this fight
For I never want to lose you, because you are my light
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Poem ID: 44165   Poem Posted: 8/25/2000
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Copyright , 8-2000, Anthony Lowell Sharpenstein  all rights reserved by the author.
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