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Heavenly Promises
by Chelsea  Gibson

Alone again and on my way to seek what brings me here,
Knowing not where to start when something there appears,
Tall and dark in a human figure of masculinity,
Not sure of what to think, but certain of what it might be.

A handsome man with dark brown hair walking in my way,
Confused with what to think, uncertain with what to say.
No longer am I alone but who does this stranger be?
I can't make out his face, just that of what I see.

Slow steps he takes as he reaches me further on,
Hoping for something I won't know till all hopes are gone.
Then, finally, his last step is taken, and we're only a measure apart,
Though still unsure of what to think, even of my heart.

By now my hopes are fading, and the more they disappear,
The more I understand, and the more to me this is clear.
But what of this, where am I?  Is this a dream of what I feel?
If a dream it is, then let me sleep for I know of nothing more real.

Then he takes my hand, so barely unaware
That as quiet as it seems I hear a sound somewhere,
Then closer it becomes as a song I've heard before,
A song played for me by someone, though still I'm not quite sure.

Everything's so perfect, it seems nothing can go wrong,
And it grows more and more perfect, as he sings to me my song.
I danced with him till the song is ended, but still I stayed in place,
Wrapped up in his arms, I could feel his breath upon my face.

With the loosening of his grip, I looked up into his eyes,
The first time I really did that and only then did I realize.
But why hadn't I known before, when now it is so clear?
Not knowing who he is, or why he's even here,

I hadn't known it was going to happen, wasn't prepared in any way.
Never have I, until now, forgotten that day,
The day he played my song for me, and sang it as we danced,
The night I stayed by his side, knowing he had no chance.

It all happened so quick, right before my eyes.
What else could I do?  All I could was cry.
I had no choice of my own, just that of what God gave me.
I've lived on this earth a year without him, and wish to leave already.

It's hard enough to live alone, but to live that way from a loss of love,
To remember the past of their life, to know the future of...
I remember when I promised him that we would be together forever,
And in my whole life, I never once doubted it- never.

I didn't break that promise, just kept it in my memory.
I also remember another one, one he made to me.
"I promise I'll ask God if I can be your angel when I die,
So then when God sends an angel for you, it will be I."

When he said those words to me, I knew what it was for,
But then he added something else, and it touched me even more.
"And the next time I come back, it will be for you,
When you can call me your angel, and I can call you mine, too."

I knew exactly what he meant... who wouldn't if they heard?
But even still, I don't quite believe in every word.
It's hard to think that God, who has deceived me once before,
Would give the chance to see again what he deceived me for.

I believe in God, and I love him, he gave us a life to live,
But then he took it away, you should never take back what you give.
"It's time to go." The words sounded, interrupting me in thought.
I wanted to cry just then, but I decided I would not

Instead I asked, "Where are we going?" Though I didn't expect what I heard.
"Home," is what he said, though to what did he refer?
"Where is home?" I asked, curious, but then aware.
"Follow the light," is all he said, and pointed over there.

"Are you coming with me?" I asked, not wanting to go alone.
"Of course, I am your angel, and now you are my own."
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Poem ID: 70894   Poem Posted: 6/8/2002
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Copyright , 2002, Chelsea Gibson  all rights reserved by the author.
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