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Thursday Morning
by Chelse  Elliot

Thursday morning	
Warm and burrowed 		
snug in my bed			
In the cloudy dawn 
the phone rang... rang...	
Foggy from a dream		
reflexively fumbling 			
fantasy fading 
Sleep soaked I croaked, "hello?"
The blue dawn brightened 
as my lover's brilliant voice
flooded over me	
A warm rain
kissing my parched face          	
after a two week drought   
His words were 
He was calling from Germany			
Evening there, layover				
Nine o'clock to New York
The words were- 	
-just Words		
I listened
breathless as a maiden drowning				 
with delirious rubescent
love for him 	
He gloried of	
verdant wanderings 
by the shimmering Black Sea			
Singing a cradle song				
in curious footfalls
honoring the spiritual legacy 
of an elusive Grandfather
His real-life realities
ravishing his ramblings            
Seeking news- 		
Bothered about bills
wondering about worries
a world away		
My sleepy whispered words 
interrupting his ruminations		               
 "...I've missed you..."
"I'll be home Monday"	        
"I know"
"I love you Chelse"		
"I love you..."
I closed my eyes 
to the suddenly silent stillness
and stuffed my 
aloneness back into my mouth...
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Poem ID: 11539   Poem Posted: 3/14/1999
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