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by Katherine  L.

Lying awake, I wonder how
After all this time, 
I feel for you now.
I can't get over the way you once cared,
I can't forget all the times we once shared.
I can't get over your soft brown eyes...
How can I 
when my heart still cries?
You come into my life
and out again.
It seems with you,
I'll never win. 
I know you're leaving 
and I wish you'd stay.
But when it comes to you,
nothing goes my way.
I'll wait for you until you return,
Why can't I just look at you as a lesson to be learned?
You're more than that 'cause you're in my heart,
but even when you're there, 
you tear it apart.
Now it's time to say 
I need to be alone for one last cry.
I can't believe that this is the end.
How long will it take for my sad heart to mend?
Lie to me. 
Tell me what I need to hear.
The words of truth are what I fear.
Tell me you care when you really don't,
Tell me you'll call when you really won't.
You're walking away and waving 
I  cover my face from the tears that I cry.
When my heart unbreaks and you come back,
maybe I'll be ready for your next attack.
I wave Goodbye as I walk away...
At least I have tomorrow,
It's a brand new day.
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Poem ID: 49344   Poem Posted: 11/1/2000
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