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Someone is there
by madchen marie andress

I thought I was alone; I thought no one cared
And all this time, you have been right there
I wonder why you waited; I feel so special now
I can't wait until you are in town
To actually have your arms wrapped around me
Not letting go for all eternity

I feel so happy, yet again so sad
I smile, yet I feel so bad
I'm not supposed to be happy, or so I thought
I figured I didn't need love--I was wrong
You make me smile when I am sad
You make me laugh, no matter what kind of day I had

I can't wait for you to hold me so you can whisper in my ear
"I love you," I can't wait to hear
Those words, like I hear on the phone
Because with you I am never alone
I want you to know I am falling and I am falling fast
I want this feeling to always last

I smile at the sound of your voice, wait for you to write
I hope and pray that one day you will hold me, oh, so tight
Well my wishes are all slowly coming true
After all, God granted me my biggest wish, he gave me you.
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Poem ID: 75218   Poem Posted: 12/27/2003
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