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by Steve  Patrick

Her heart broke twice over again
Always looking up and asking why.

Depressing life took her way.
What's left to live for past today.

Love's not found in her eyes.
They're filled with hate and deceitful lies.

If she doesn't eat she'll die
And how are we to understand why.

She's so thin now, sick in her bed.
Her blood so quickly turning red.

So we lifted our prayers for her
Hoping life is what would be preferred.

We prayed for life to be his will
And to her heart pure joy be filled.

She rose from bed two weeks later
The mercy that was shown for her.

Such grace was given from up above
On a lot of faith and a heart full of love.

Mike's in his room by himself
With no one at his side to help.

His routine hasn't changed for years
Shooting up through so many tears.

He's addicted and there's no way out.
He pleads with God to hear his shouts.

Through this time he found a friend
A friend to help and a friend to mend.

On his faith he pulled through
Being born again becoming brand new.

She's on her knees again
Shouting for an answer to her pain.

This was the one for her heart.
Now her heart has been torn apart.

She fought herself through it all 
Not to break down and make that call.

She spent her nights in her room
Fighting back tears of gloom.

Her struggle went on every day
Till she found a boy to push him away.

This took her thoughts for the time
And seemed to her to work out fine.

But it was not the way it should be.
She chose the wrong man to need.

Her longing would never go away
Until she chose the right one.

To long for God and not her own
To keep her from being alone--

She found faith in his arms, and 
Broke it off, though she meant no harm.

On her own she was not.
God was there lighting her fire hot--

A sacrificed heart for her to give
And with him who could
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Poem ID: 33365   Poem Posted: 5/22/2000
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