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For My Sister Cindy.
by Rebecca  Cern

Beautiful girl, my sister Cindy,
Used to hang out for weather windy.
Incredible smile, bikini girl queen,
To be like you, was always my dream.

Laughing fits 'till we couldn't breathe;
How I wish you didn't leave.
Remember how you tickled me to sleep?
Those memories I will forever keep.

Eating comfrey leaves & feeding our smurfs...
I can't believe you'll soon give birth.
Will we ever again 'do running',
or go to the beach, just for sunning?

You took me in and helped me to grow,
I owe so much to you, this I now know.
My confidant, sister and best friend;
With this poem, all my love to you I send.

I miss you each day 
and look forward to our chats.
Nothing could break our bond, 
Not a 'feather in a cap'.

You always know the right things to say to me,
'Specially when I'm hurting badly.
I wish you happiness pure and true,
'Cause I think you're amazing and I love you!

As we move on into life's next stages,
New things occurring, turning the pages;
We'll only get closer... we do every day,
and we'll hang out again when we're old and grey.

from your adoring sister Rebecca.
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Poem ID: 9635   Poem Posted: 1/3/1999
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