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by Bobby Wayne Thomasson jr

O Heart be still, she can't exist.
You're disillusioned by love's mist.
My Heart says, "Nay, she is, I say
and fills my thoughts of her all day."

I think of her, alone, like me,
searching while in agony.
We've never met, though I can tell,
we really know each other well.

For she desires such things as I.
To live, to love, to laugh, to cry.
Please, Heart, be kind and go away,
Take these visions of her away.

She doesn't exist, it's just an illusion;
Don't tease me with an elaborate delusion.
How can you pretend to care,
then deny my love with her, to share?

All you see is fantasy
is this your only hope for me?
Could this dream somehow be kissed?
Listen well, Heart, she doesn't exist. 
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Poem ID: 42595   Poem Posted: 8/9/2000
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Copyright , 1996, Bobby Wayne Thomasson  all rights reserved by the author.
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