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If Love
by Amber N. Sandore

If love,
Is what you seek,
Look for opportunities.
If love,
You hope to find,
Help look for it.
Love should come to
you so take a chance.
You never know what you might come across.
So how would you know when love has found you?
Or you have found it?
Ask, you shall receive.
You never quite know what or when you should expect it.
Or even what it means.
Is it that funny feeling you get in your stomach?
Or perhaps that gut instinct you get when you look 
Into his/her eyes?
Who knows?
Do you?
Everyone in their life comes across it.
Whether you are too blind to notice or not.
So open your eyes and take a look,
Who knows, love might just be sitting there waiting for you.
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Poem ID: 38560   Poem Posted: 7/10/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Amber N. Sandore  all rights reserved by the author.
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