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by Silvana  Krculic

When I first met you
You were my INSPIRATION.
We built castles together,
In the sand--
But gave them no foundation.
Tha wind came, blew the castles away.
The storms have past--
And turned them into dust!

Now I see your face
In every star that lights the evening sky.
I see it and I do not know why.
So I told my heart
To let you go-- not to cry.
But, my heart did not listen to my instructions.
Again, we were strong--
We thought we could build mansions.

Now... coming home, late at night,
I count every city light,
Some just dimmed, while others flicker,
But, just like your leaving...
Dimmed is the light,
That flickers in my heart,
And I think, that I am just getting weaker....

Every time, you came back
I handed you my heart
To carry with you, to keep.
In you I had no doubt.
But what you did to my heart,
My love-- you turned it inside out.

Whose love are you?
I am calling to the wind.
Whose love, are you, now that you are not with me.
Whose love, are you, now that you are free.
We were together, happy,
Living on borrowed time,
And against everyone....
Which way did the roads take you?
I will never know. Yes you were free to go.
I told you so....

I watched your eyes change colors
As the snow turned into rain,
And I counted every footstep,
As I watched you go!
Till I could count no more.
I was blinded by the falling snow.
But the wind was strong for so long.
And I did not know how long
I could stay in the rain.
I did not know how much longer
I could take the pain.

I felt the splashing of the waves,
And I felt the ROARING of the ocean...
And I felt the storms calling your name.
But all the same...
I watched the falling snow as I watched you go. 
And just like the falling snow,
I watched you melt away....
And I listened the storms, calling your name,
As I kept saying: "Why couldn't you stay....
Why could'nt you stay.... Why could'nt you stay...."
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Poem ID: 58637   Poem Posted: 4/1/2001
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