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How do I fall...
by   Snowflowers

Every thing I did I did for you. 
Every word that was said was my heart telling its truth. 
Every time I hear your voice my body quivers; 
and every time I felt your touch my 
body wanted to feel you deeper...

Now tell me, how do I move on, feeling such  passion?
How do I take the toll and just move 
out of the life I tried so hard to make with you?
How do I fall out of love 
with the man I've loved for so long?
How do I say goodbye and not get hurt?

People ask so many questions 
and I'm the one without any of the answers..  
You said, you promised, to never hurt me.
So then, why I am I in such great pain?
My heart aches when I think of you ... 
My body longing for the love you told me we share...

Where are you love, when I need you the most? 
My best friend that is supposed to help me 
through the worst of times... 
Why did you put my heart on the line 
and decide it wasn't worth saving? 
Instead, it was worth breaking.
I once had life, warmth and love. 
I used to be kind and want to 
help out with any problem. 
Now I am cold and feel as if I have no heart,
for it has been ripped from my chest.
Placed somewhere I do not know of...

Can you help me find my way back .. 
can you see my heart is yearning for your love? 
I am heartbroken and lost, without a clue.. 
Now tell me, how do I 
fall out of love with you....
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Poem ID: 9826   Poem Posted: 1/7/1999
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