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Love lost... Remains
by Greg  Jones

I have loved you... as I do still, Forever and ever, always I will
  Many deeds I have done for your glory and your pride
At some I have failed... but always... I tried
  I gave you my heart on a platter of gold... Our life, to be a story
the sweetest ever told
  All the joy in the world, to you I wished to bring
Sealed with all my love and soul... when I gave to you my ring
Now I lay here without you... gone are you from my side
  I have never known such loneliness and pain... never will you know
how many tears I have cried
You turn a cold shoulder... my way never even a glance
  To tell you how I loved you I'd taken every chance
I hold in my trembling hands your tear-stained photogragh...
  to see me on my knees like this, oh, probably how you'd laugh
but, alas, here I am, kneeling alone in the drizzling rain, praying 
that the morning will not come... hurting all over again

To live such as this is not to live at all... I did not realize till
I hit the bottom just how far I would fall
  I know you do not think of any of the sweet times we have had
or even think of me... broken hearted and sad
But I shall continue to love you, that is clearly plain to see...
and come to you in haunting dreams... should you ever dream of me

     I Love You, Stacy
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Poem ID: 37070   Poem Posted: 6/27/2000
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Copyright , 6-19-2000, James Gregory Jones  all rights reserved by the author.
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