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Who you are...
by C C H

  At night I sit and watch the stars,
in hopes of knowing who you are.
  I search deep inside my soul,
but I suppose I'll never know.
  In the beginning you gave me light,
now all we ever do is fight.
  I used to believe our love was true,
now I think my eyes are permanently black and blue.
  People said we would never end,
and although you are gone, you'll be back again.
  What do I do when you come home,
do I take you in ?or let you go?
  I used to be strong enough to say good-bye.
The pain I feel now makes me want to try.
  I loved you so much that I couldn't let go,
but there are so many things you'll never know.
  Like the way I feel when you get mad,
or the cuts and bruises that hurt so bad.
  I've reached out for help, and no one is there,
sometimes I wonder if anyone cares.
  I try to hide what the mirror sees, 
and friends can't always see through me.
  I made it pretty far,
acting as if I know who you are.
  I thought the pain would never end,
so I began my last descent.
  Believe it or not, this much is true,
it hurt less than to be with you.
  Now I sit and look down at the stars,
and I still wonder who you are.
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Poem ID: 15039   Poem Posted: 5/18/1999
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Copyright , July 27, 1998, C C H  all rights reserved by the author.
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