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We Are Really Through
by Tracie  McKedy

You say that it's really over
that we are finished for good this time,
that I'll never again be yours
and you will never again me mine.

Well this is so hard for me,
but I wanted you to know
that little by little
I am starting to let go.

You just seem to think
that I will hold on forever,
just because you leave me hanging,
well now I'm getting clever.

I am not going to wait around
for you anymore.
If you say that it's over
then I am shutting the door.

I've always been here for you with open arms
after you've had your freedom and fun,
but this time it won't be like that
because we are really done.

Maybe someday down the road
you will want me back again,
but if you ever do
it will only be as a friend.

I finally have the strength
to stand up on my own.
I don't need you anymore,
I can sit upon my own throne.

Don't think that I
am still hung up on you,
because I have also decided
that we are really through.
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Poem ID: 56351   Poem Posted: 2/13/2001
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Copyright , 1989, Tracie McKedy  all rights reserved by the author.
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