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All my love
by Graciela  Konther

When I met you
It was June,
All the flowers
Were in bloom.

As you were smiling
At the door,
I felt then that
There would be more.

As you danced
With me that night,
I held your hand
So very tight.

I loved the smell
Of your cologne,
Which made me 
Call you on the phone.

All night long
I thought of you,
Wishful thinking
Is all I knew.

I knew you lived
So far away,
And had to leave
The very next day.

As we wrote each other
Long letters,
We got to know 
Each other better.

I was counting
All the days,
And wished September
Would come our way.

As I flew 
for thousands of miles,
Just thinking of you
Made me smile.

Dressed so sharp
From head to toe,
You held for me
A long stem rose.

The next twelve days
I spent with you,
Was part of my 
Dream coming true.

I dread the day
That would come too soon,
I would be on the plane
home before noon.

The next five hours
I shed lots of tears,
Wishing you were
very near.

It's been so long
Since I was there,
It makes me feel
Life is so unfair.

It's been so long
Since I felt your touch,
It makes me miss
you so very much.

Kissing your lips
And holding you tight,
Makes me want you 
Here with me tonight.

I love your kisses
I love your touch,
And I love you
So very much!!!
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Poem ID: 21188   Poem Posted: 10/10/1999
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Copyright , Oct. 1999, Graciela Konther  all rights reserved by the author.
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