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by   Rasheda Taylor

There's a girl I used to know,
She wanted to depart.
She used to hide everything
Inside her lonely heart.

She experienced a lot of things,
More than one could ever know.
She couldn't survive it all.
This is why she had to go.

She didn't even give a hint
We might never see her again.
Not even a secret good bye
Every now and then.

She kept it all inside,
Thinking no one could help her out.
She was hurt more than once
Even with God she had a doubt.

Betrayal by a loved one
Who should be the one a child can trust.
But he wasn't there for her.
So leave it all behind, she must.

Things haven't completely changed,
But she got some advice:
To look around at what she has
And she would find something nice.

Nothing is worth dying for,
Especially not something so small.
There always should be someone
Who will be there to catch your fall.

They might not stand right out
Or seem to be the stronger one,
But they are there just the same
Don't think there is no one.
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Poem ID: 26673   Poem Posted: 1/30/2000
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