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Internet Love
by Jeffrey A. Zellner

How is it that you can be in love,
yet never know your special someone's smile 
when you speak, or the way they hold your hand 
when you walk along the beach? 

This love we have is so great, 
yet not once have our lips ever met.
Our love is so pure it can never be broken. 
On New Years Eve we met.

Like the beginning of new life, 
she came into mine. 
Her sweet words were merely letters on a screen, 
powerful enough to melt my heart into the sea. 

We spoke of nothing, we spoke of all,
of her I shall never forget 
my one and only Internet Love.
It was not long before our voices came together. 

In a sea of endless words we spoke. 
Every night we listen to each other's thoughts,
each others emotions and we dream.
dream to have one another close to each other.  

To hear her voice as she looks deep into me, 
looks deep into my eyes would be heaven. 
Nothing could be compared to this day,
how I long for this day when we shall be face to face. 

Her endless beauty I shall gaze upon 
and with all my heart I will, and do love her. 
There are no words to express how I feel, 
only love can show her that it's real.

Her thoughts so deep, 
her beauty so grand 
not once have I ever held 
my Internet love's hand.   
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Poem ID: 14901   Poem Posted: 5/12/1999
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Copyright , may 4, 1999, Jeffrey Allen Zellner  all rights reserved by the author.
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