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Matt's Poem
by   Honestly written by: Me

With each day that passes
My love for you grew strong
I gave my fragile heart to you
How could this be wrong?
You held it tightly in your hands
So no one else could see
The love you had captured
The love that came from me
I tried so hard to please you
To make your dreams come true
But when it came to loving me
With you... I never knew
The promises we made
You said would turn out bad
I tried so hard to prove you wrong
Just to end up sad
I worked so hard to show you,
To keep the ones I made to you
But in the end I lost you
So, what good did it all do?
The biggest promise you made
Was- you'd never break my heart
Yet, I sit here in a pool of tears
Because we've grown apart
I haven't heard a word from you
And I finally realize
I will never get the chance to say
To you, "I apologize."
I never meant to hurt you
To this day I love you still
I wish you would talk to me-
But guess you never will
Our life together, the dreams we had
The promises we shared
Will no longer stay alive
If you never really cared
So, I guess you were right
About a promise being bad
Because the ones we made each other
Only made us mad
So, I've made a promise to myself
That I think is not so bad
That I'll never make another promise
    ...Because they only made me sad
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Poem ID: 82711   Poem Posted: 3/25/2006
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