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a letter to john
by elizabeth kiamana cardoza

Dear X-man,

I going to be adult about this ordeal, so i decided to write
I felt from the start what we shared was never right

You have taken me for  all i am... destroyed my self worth
You have corrupted my self esteem... my mind no longer works

You have riddiculed, tormented, put my life through hell
When i was jumping into love, you let go and i fell

It marked me for life, 
But hey look on the bright side

You can go through life without me nagging 
Saying you ought to do right

I don't feel i've lost the battle
Because i found a new guy

So i'm packing my heart for a journey of love
It's crazy, i feel he's the one

The one to make plans with 
The one i will think about when my mind drifts

Into far off places where people ride off into the sun 
Sitting by a well waiting for my prince to come

This one little girls fantasy is now reality
We'll be together forever happily

   in love... sorry it didn't work out
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Poem ID: 37380   Poem Posted: 6/30/2000
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